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If you are interested in joining any of the yoga classes or attending workshops or retreats, please fill out the Yoga Registration Form below. Click “Submit Form” at the bottom when you have completed it. Please indicate which class(es), workshops or retreats you would like to attend.

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Which class/workshop/retreat would you like to register for? Large Women Class Tuesday 7 - 8:30 pm

Yoga for Large Women Workshop
Yoga for Large Women Retreat
Yoga and Meditation Retreat
CEU Yoga Retreat
If you are registering for a weekly class, please give the date you plan to start.
If you are registering for a workshop, please give the date of the workshop you plan to attend.
If you are registering for a retreat, please indicate which retreat you plan to attend.
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What do you want to get from practicing yoga?
Are you interested in meditation?
Do you have pain, injury or instability in any of the following areas? Knees? Low back? Back? Neck? Other? Please describe.
More space for answer to question above if you need it.
Is your heart healthy?
Any history of heart attack?
High or low blood pressure?
Any other medical or health concerns?
Are you comfortable on your hands and knees?
Are you comfortable doing exercises on the floor?
Are you comfortable getting down and up from the floor?
Are you comfortable sitting on the floor on a cushion?
Do you have any concerns related to practicing yoga?
Any questions?

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