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Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga has a wonderful Resources Page for curvy yogis. More information here.

"Love your Body at Any Size" by Jeanne Courtney, MFT. More.

Yoga and Stretching Equally Effective for Back Pain by Anahad O'Connor,
New York Times Article

Weekly yoga classes relieve symptoms of low back pain about as well as intense, regular stretching sessions, a new study shows.

The research found that yoga and stretching were equally effective in easing chronic back pain and improving function, but participants had to practice each regularly to see benefits. The subjects in both groups took weekly 75-minute classes and practiced yoga or deep stretching at home for about 20 minutes at a time at least three days a week.

The study is the largest and most thorough to date to look at whether yoga has an effect on chronic low back pain, a problem that affects millions and has no surefire long-term remedy. A number of earlier studies suggested that regular yoga classes might benefit back pain sufferers, though most were limited by small sample sizes, short study periods and other flaws.

Read full article here.

What is Ananda Yoga?
Spiritually uplifting, physically exhilarating and deeply relaxing, Ananda Yoga is a gentle form of yoga suitable for people of all ages and body types. Read more about Ananda Yoga here.

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