"Yoga is for all shapes and sizes as Sally Pugh so expertly demonstrates in her new DVD, Expanding into Fullness - a 40 minute sequence tailored to the needs of large women....Pugh's instruction is first-rate, with special attention given to props, chairs, and pose modifications. Practitioners as well as students will benefit greatly from Pugh's insights -- and her inclusive teaching style."
Yoga International

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Expanding into Fullness
is a 40 minute DVD home yoga class designed especially for large women. You may preview and order below.  See what all the rave reviews are about!

The DVD is appropriate for all levels of fitness and yoga experience and offers practices to strengthen your body, your mind, and to open your heart.

The Expanding into Fullness yoga routine includes

  • warm up stretches
  • breath awareness meditation
  • standing and floor postures to increase flexibility and balance, build stamina and develop core strength
  • deep relaxation
  • ending meditation

Yoga postures are modeled by five of Sally's longtime students and chair adaptations are shown for most poses. You can begin or deepen your yoga practice with Expanding into Fullness. Regular practice can enhance your flexibility, vitality, strength and balance, expand breath and body awareness, release stress, and develop relaxation skills to use in daily life.

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Practicing yoga with Sally Pugh has been one of the true joys of my life and a simple, direct way to connect happily with myself and with my body. This DVD captures the delight of Sally's teaching and makes available to people of all sizes and ability levels the life-enhancing, gentle power of yoga.
Marilyn Wann, FAT!SO? author

Sally’s approach is so sincere and natural, not scripted.  Expanding into Fullness is a very well-produced video without being “commercial”. The moves are easy to perform, but it will take time to do them to the full extent that the ladies on the video achieve.  This is a very comforting video and not at all intimidating.  Sally seems like a comfortable friend when she guides you through the positions.  The 40 minutes fell like 15.  After a few sessions, I have better posture, feel calmer and look forward to my 40 minutes of attention to myself and my overall well-being. 
Mary Blue, Thornville, OH

I did your video yesterday and LOVED IT!!!! I can't wait to use it again today.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful video.
Rivka Simmons, teacher, psychotherapist & columnist, Medford MA

From counseling psychologist and yoga practitioner B. Beth Cohen, Ph.D. in Ithaca, New York:
In my psychotherapy practice, I often suggest hatha yoga to my clients for its many physical and psychological benefits such as greater flexibility, strength, balance, confidence, self-acceptance, and emotional equanimity. For clients who are large and/or have poor body image I’ve been wishing for a resource for them that wouldn’t trigger feelings of shame and inadequacy as they watched others looking slender, strong, and flexible demonstrate postures they couldn’t do and wouldn’t know how to modify. So I was pleased to discover the existence of your DVD when I read the review of it in Yoga Journal, and I was very hopeful that this was a resource I could feel good about sharing with my clients.

I received my copies of your DVD very promptly after you sent them. The very afternoon I received them I tore open the package, put the DVD in, watched the interviews, and followed along with the class. I was so delighted to find that the DVD met and surpassed my hopes for it. I so enjoyed your warm, compassionate tone, your clear explanations, your presentation of very accessible modifications for a variety of body shapes and capacities, and your students--wow, they looked so serene and confident. I was delighted to present the DVD to four of my psychotherapy clients who are large, struggle with poor body image, and have all expressed some interest in yoga. So far I've heard back from one of them that she tried it a couple of times and likes it, and her little toddler grandson likes it too. Thank you again for the work that you’re doing, and especially for making it available for a broader audience by creating your DVD.


DVD Review - Expanding into Fullness, Yoga for Large Women - by Hillari Dowdle, Yoga Journal
There are many weight-loss yoga videos on the market today, but most of them are modeled by stick-thin teachers who demonstrate by-the-book poses. Expanding into Fullness with Ananda Yoga teacher Sally Pugh is quite possibly the best weight-loss yoga video on the market because it pays attention to the realities of practicing with a bigger body.

Pugh offers a kind-hearted welcome, followed by clear, compassionate instruction. Her real-life students, everyday overweight and obese women, mindfully and beautifully move through a simple 40-minute practice that includes warm-up stretches; seated, standing, and supine poses; breath awareness; relaxation; and meditation...

The article is not yet available on the Yoga Journal website, but you can read the full version here.
DVD Review - Expanding into Fullness, Yoga for Large Women - by Courtney Amo, Maha Yoga
Sally Pugh's DVD, Expanding into Fullness - Yoga for Large Women, is an accessible and instructive introduction to Yoga, aimed specifically at larger women.

Over the course of a 40-minute session, Sally's soothing and knowledgeable voice guides students through a series of postures, while a rich diversity of models of different shapes, sizes and ages demonstrate the postures.

The DVD provides a full, beginner-level class, covering breath, balancing, standing, floor postures and final relaxation. For the most part, postures are demonstrated by more than one student, and chair modifications are offered. The use of props (straps and blocks) is demonstrated for a number of postures...

Read full article here.
Review: Sally Pugh’s Expanding into Fullness, Yoga for Large Women - by Shaunta Alberger Grimes
...Now I don’t live within 200 miles of a yoga studio, or even an informal yoga class. I was super proud of myself for attending a gentle yoga class at the Y last time I visited, though. I hate being scared of anything. I plan to find a studio or something as soon as one is within reach.

In the meantime, I have found that this is this little treasure chest of yoga DVDs designed especially for bigger bodies. This gives me such a squeeze of glee, I can’t even tell you. It’s like the women leading the two I’ve tried (so far) opened their arms and said, who says you can’t do yoga? Let me show you how.

Sally Pugh of Grateful Spirit Yoga is one of these women. She’s made a DVD called Expanding into Fullness, Yoga for Large Women and she sent me a copy to review for you...

Read full article here.
Curvy Yoga Recommends: Expanding into Fullness - by Anna Guest-Jelley
I really love it when I find out about new resources for curvy yogis. It feels like such a treat to get new tools for my curvy toolbox!

The fantastic Marilyn Wann, author of FAT!SO?, recently connected me with Sally Pugh. Sally is Marilyn’s yoga teacher, so right away I knew she was someone I’d want to know. Sally teaches yoga for large women, and she just released a DVD! I ordered a copy immediately, and as soon as I received it I began practicing with it regularly.

The DVD, Expanding into Fullness: Yoga for Large Women is a complete delight. Sally has sequenced a lovely, gentle class for practitioners of many different sizes, abilities, and experience levels. Throughout the video, she offers many modifications, including many using a chair (and finding a good video with chair modifications is difficult!)...

Read full article here.
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