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In these deeply challenging and transformative times, may we awaken to our innate compassion, wisdom, kindness and strength. May our thoughts, words and actions help create a world of equality, justice, inclusion and respect for all people. May we flourish in body, mind and spirit.

Online classes are offered on a sliding scale basis from $15 – $25 per class.

Classes are open to all levels of yoga experience and size is limited to 20 so that we can maintain a sense of community and friendship.

For information and to register for online classes, contact Sally.

Gentle Yoga
Saturdays 10:30 am – 12:00 pm PDT

Nourish yourself in this gentle practice that includes stretching, strengthening, balancing and relaxation. We focus on breath and inner awareness to cultivate ground, presence and resilience.

Restorative Yoga
Tuesdays 10:45 – 12:00 PDT

Deep stretches and relaxation for the whole body. In addition to stretches, the class includes yin and restorative yoga postures. All poses are done on the floor.

Yin Yoga
Thursdays 11:15 – 12:30 PDT

A meditative practice that invites us to stop and listen to the wisdom of our bodies. Yin yoga offers an experience of deep release, rejuvenation and overall wellbeing. The practice is especially beneficial for those with hip and low back issues.

Expanding into Yoga, Preview 4.41 minutes

Expanding into Fullness is a 40 minute home yoga class designed especially for large women and is appropriate for all levels of fitness and yoga experience. The class offers practices to strengthen your body, calm your mind and open your heart. It includes warm up stretches, balancing poses, standing and floor postures and ends with a deep relaxation. Chair adaptations are shown for most poses which are modeled by five of Sally Pugh’s longtime students. Although not a large woman herself, Sally has extensive experience working with large women in weekly classes, workshops and retreats.

The gifts of yoga are available to everyone, to everybody. Come explore the wisdom of your body, the power of your heart and the greatness of your being.

It has been one of the very few benefits of the pandemic that I have been able to rejoin my former yoga teacher Sally Pugh via Zoom for yoga classes, long after I moved away from where she is physically based.  In the intervening years I had unsuccessfully sought another teacher who pays the same degree of attention to the needs of each student.  Sally always suggests helpful accommodations so every body, irrespective of size, age, health restrictions or flexibility, can find a practice that works for them as an individual.  She is supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable, and attracts a lovely group of practitioners to her sessions.  It is a joy to be back practicing yoga in this wonderful sangha.
— Jeanne Franken

During this time of shelter in place, I have found that Sally’s style of teaching translates extremely well to Zoom. She keeps an eye on the students throughout the class, interacting and offering suggestions and feedback. It almost feels like we are in the room together. I really appreciate how Sally is able to skillfully hold the container of a class in such a nurturing way, even through the challenge of teaching virtually.
— Ivy Sandz

Practicing yoga with Sally Pugh has been one of the true joys of my life and a simple direct way to connect happily with myself and my body.
— Marilyn Wann, FATSO? Author

Sally Pugh’s zoom yoga class are THE BEST! Everything feels okay in the world and in my body — no matter what is going on outside — when I’m in Sally’s class. I feel safe and supported and challenged. Sally’s voice is soothing, gentle, and inspiring. She has so much knowledge and expertise, and always encourages everyone in the class to move in ways that are good and right for their individual bodies by offering variations on poses and lots of options. I have been attending Sally’s classes for years, and am amazed at how well her classes translate to zoom. I feel like I’m in a warm, loving community even though we are all taking class in our homes via the computer. Her classes have made so much difference in my life, always, but especially in these trying times they are a touchstone and a lifeline. I can’t recommend Sally’s zoom classes enough!
— Ellise Nicholson

I appreciate the meditative aspect of yin yoga. Holding the poses, stretched to my edge for several minutes, encourages me to clear my mind and focus on my body. I don’t often feel in tune with my body. So this opportunity to “just be” in my mind/body connection, focused on my breath, gradually relaxing through the sensation is a way to feel alive. It’s a path to gratitude for life, in fact. I am reminded how lucky I am to be alive, have the life I have, to just be. The gently but firmly stretched muscles and joints, especially the hips, seem looser and freer in movement after a class. The combination of mental cleansing and deep stretching is profound, sometimes to the extent that I feel as if I’m in an altered reality, a slower, gentler world after practicing yin yoga.
— Cheri Bryant

Sally Pugh

I have been teaching yoga and movement in the Bay Area for the past 25 years working with people of all sizes and yoga experience. Over the years, my classes, workshops and retreats have offered a safe, comfortable and grounded space for people to connect and integrate body, mind and spirit through yoga, meditation and breath awareness. 

As I transition to teaching online classes only, I work to hold this same space in our virtual practice.

I am guided by the wisdom of the body, the power of the heart, and the joy of discovery. One of my great privileges as a teacher is to introduce beginners to the practice of yoga. I continue to learn from my students, from personal practice and exploration and from study and have deep gratitude for all my teachers.

Certified Yoga Teacher
Yin Yoga Teacher
Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

Bodies of Substance
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Yoga for Large Women classes.

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